Here is a list of the most important features ELT Desktop provides.

ELT Desktop provides...

  • in-database transformation of your data
  • dependency analysis / data lineage
  • a steep learning curve for database programmers, due to the SQL-like syntax
  • the possibility to build complex workflows with common control functions e.g. loops, if-conditions, etc
  • parametrized transformations for easy changes in multi-environment systems (development, test, production) and easy deployment
  • reusable job definitions for recurrent tasks (e.g. keeping history of your master data)
  • connectors to load utilities of most common databases
  • an SQL-builder to support the creation of SQL Jobs
  • a GUI interface to modifiy data interactively (especially a great help during development)

Advantages compared to common ETL-Tools...

  • no need for a large ETL server, because all work is done inside the database
  • no need to learn a new technology: it's just like SQL
  • no need to transfer large amounts of data from your database to the ETL server and back again